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Production Stamping’s goal to provide customers with a true “One Stop Shop” has become a reality.

Take a closer look at the E2H-350 Minster Hevistamper straight side press.

The brand new Minster Hevistamper is a mammoth, serious piece of engineering accomplishment. Production Stamping is proud to offer these extended capabilities:

The presses bedsize is 48" x 86".The larger parts that are possible using this machine are virtually limitless in size and capacity.

Its Reverse Load Rating is 2-4 times any standard press. This accommodates a significant reduction in tool repair and assists greatly in overall quality and production outcomes.

The Hevistamper is built to work smoothly with heavier, higher-gauge materials; producing longer lengths and using higher tinsel materials creating parts for greater strength and capability requirements.

Tool down time and repairs are costly to the customer. The Hevistamper can reduce tool down-time and repair costs which ultimately reflect positively back to every customer with significant savings in both time and production costs.

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