You have reached a website representing a company dedicated to your satisfaction. If you are looking for that one company which will out-perform any competitor, has the vast experience-levels needed to offer the best possible production techniques using the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology, and truly understands the value of a dollar, especially in today’s extremely budget-conscience world... you have come to the right place.

This is Production Stamping

The pinnacle of complete metal stamping and fabrication. Production Stamping provides professional engineering and part design, precision tooling, CNC machining and fabricating, rapid prototyping, state-of-the-art stamping, masterful finishing techniques, a dedicated quality and inspection department, complete assembly and available JIT and Kanban inventory structures with full distribution, packaging and shipping protocols.

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New Capabilities

Add Greater Strength, Size, Tonnage, Material Options–
Equaling Time and Cost Savings.

  • Reverse Load-UP.
  • Bed Size-UP.
  • Higher Strength Materials-UP.
  • Tool Repair Costs-DOWN.
  • Time to Complete-DOWN.
  • Overall Costs-DOWN.
Learn more about the E2H-350 Minster Hevistamper Press and it's heavier gauge and larger size capabilites!
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